Roger J. Jou MD

Clinician in and Assistant Clinical Professor in the Child Study Center


Roger Jou, MD, PhD is an Instructor in the Yale Child Study Center and specializes in autism spectrum disorders across the lifespan. Dr. Jou began his career in the field of autism as a medical student at the University of Pittsburgh (1999-2004) where he used neuroimaging to study differences in brain structure. He came to Yale School of Medicine to complete his training in adult (2004-2008) and child/adolescent psychiatry (2008-2011) with an emphasis on autism spectrum disorders across the lifespan. During his training, he spent several years evaluating children through the Child Study Center’s Developmental Disabilities Clinic where he was supervised by Fred Volkmar, MD and Kathleen Koenig, MSN. During his training at Yale, he expanded his interest in neuroimaging to include diffusion tensor imaging and functional magnetic resonance imaging. This ultimately led to his matriculation into Yale Graduate School’s Investigative Medicine Program (Ph.D. anticipated May 2012). Co-advisors of his doctoral dissertation include Fred Volkmar, MD and James Duncan, PhD (Diagnostic Radiology). Dr. Jou’s research is mentored by Kevin Pelphrey, PhD and involves characterization of abnormal neural connectivity in autism spectrum disorders using multiple neuroimaging modalities. Specific clinical interests include issues related to adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders.