Michael Girardi MD

Professor of Dermatology; Dermatology; Director, Residency Program; Vice Chair


Dr. Girardi is Professor, Vice Chair, and Program Director for the Department of Dermatology of the Yale School of Medicine. He has a broad research and mentoring background in cutaneous immunology, cutaneous carcinogenesis, and cutaneous lymphoma. During more than 15 years leading an NCI-funded research program at Yale, his laboratory is credited with major contributions to our understanding of skin cancer development, and in particular regarding the communication between keratinocytes and various cells of the immune system. Specifically, the Girardi lab has elucidate roles for gamma-delta T cells, NKG2D ligands, and Langerhans cells in cutaneous biology and skin cancer. He actively collaborates with the Dept of Bioengineering on developing nanoparticle-based skin delivery systems. He also has actively collaborated with the Dept of Genetics to identify mutational drivers of cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL), his clinical focus. Dr. Girardi is the Director of the Photopheresis Unit, and investigates the potential modifications to this the treatment for CTCL, cGVHD, scleroderma, and organ transplant rejection.