Yale School of Medicine is privileged to count among its faculty many of the finest physicians and scientists in the world, innovators who help to solve today’s most pressing medical issues through their research, teaching, and clinical care.

The most direct way to support outstanding faculty such as Kristaps Keggi, the new Elihu Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation profiled on this page, is through the establishment of endowed professorships, which supply a substantial and reliable flow of funds to support a professor’s teaching and research activities.

Equally important, when a current or newly recruited faculty member is appointed to a named chair, it signals Yale’s high regard for that scholar, our confidence in that individual’s intellect, creativity and drive, as well as our lasting commitment to his or her area of expertise. Endowed chairs thus serve as a powerful means for Yale School of Medicine to attract the best people and keep them working here.

The named professorship stands among the highest honors Yale University can bestow, and once appointed, a professor retains that position for the remainder of his or her career at Yale. The endowed professorship also ensures that the donor’s name and particular interests are advanced in perpetuity.

For information about how you can endow a professorship at Yale School of Medicine, contact Jancy Houck, assistant vice president for development and director of medical development, at (203) 436-8560.